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A large part of being a reputable locksmith is being able to offer a wide variety of services. While the average locksmith will get a large amount of calls for lockouts and repairs or installs where we truly shine is being able to originate keys for almost anything that a customer needs. While cutting keys is not a new invention or technique to our trade we have seen some great leaps and bounds with the technology in the last generation of locksmiths.

There are two major types of code cutting machines, the first kind uses a general X and Y axis style of cutting keys to depths with correct spacing. The most popular and widely used of this style is the HPC 1200 and HPC 1200 Blitz. This was a ground breaking device that is still frequently used in the field today. The HPC 1200 series uses manually inserted cards that correspond with the key manufacturers specs to allow the locksmith to both cut the key to the correct spaces and depths without any guesswork needed. There have been many upgrades to the HPC 1200 series over the years that have allowed for automotive as well as tubular and tibbe style keys to be produced using the same machine and has found its way into just about any and all locksmiths equipment inventory.

The second and msot recent style of code cutting machines is a completely digital CNC style computer controlled style machine. These are part of the newest and latest style of code machines that allow users to access a digital library of key codes as well as information usually with a touch screen or computer input to directly communicate with the machine for the type size and specific cuts desired for their key cutting needs. Prices can range anywhere from 2,000 up to 10,000 for some of the newer models. Locksmiths all over love these new style CNC machines because they take all the guess work out of keys and gives users a near endless selection of keys for automotive to residential and commercial as well as utility devices and even some more obscure types and styles. Not only can these produce your standard car keys but can also easily cut what is known as "laser cut" styles of high security and even the less used tibbe style keys seen on some newer fords and jaguar types of automotive lock systems. Not sure what every single cut of the key is? With code searching modern software will often fill in the blanks of missing cuts to produce a working key.

There is a place for both the older X Y axis and newer CNC style key machines in every locksmiths arsenal of tools and equipment. While day to day key cutting is best used on a X Y axis machine like the HPC 1200 most automotive locksmiths prefer the CNC style for car key creation because of its ease of use and quick access to database information for key and code information.

River City Locksmith offers residential, commercial, and automotive key cutting services 24 hours a day. We look forward to serving our community with fair and transparent pricing and above average service in what we do. Lock us in as your go to locksmith when you need it most.

Chris Huffstetler


River City Locksmtih

Spokane, Wa


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