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What does ALOA mean as a Locksmith?

When a locksmith tells you that they are an ALOA member, or advertises it on their website, service vehicle, and cards it means a couple things.

You are probably asking what is ALOA? This is the Associated Locksmiths of America, the largest organization for Locksmiths in the United States and the world.

ALOA members are held to a higher standard with codes of ethics and have expansive access to a large number of training materials as well as yearly seminars and conventions to keep up on the latest and greatest advances in the Locksmith industry.

Know that when you contact a ALOA registered Locksmith you be handled by someone that holds himself accountable as well as those within his industry and region.

It is not uncommon for faux Locksmiths to have 2, 3, or even 4 fake businesses in a given area all to bring more business to their call centers. With bogus pricing practices and misrepresented names and vague reviews praising them as the best service ever it is hard to trust your first instinct to call some of these first place businesses.

The bottom line is always make sure you know who you are calling, even in a crisis situation. There are several credible Locksmith regulated search directories that make sure you are only getting a real actual local professional. These are just a few:

Both of the named directories use vetting standards to make sure the people you are referred with locally are real and legitimate.

Check your local social media information on a business before calling them as well, most importantly...Call a Locksmith BEFORE you need one! Just like any plumber, electrician, contractor etc it is good to have their information saved your in your phone.

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