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Are you a new home owner? Starting a new business? Did your hidden key go missing? There are numerous reasons to have your locks changed, from buying a home to losing your keys to taking over a new building for your business. The most important reason to rekey your home however is when you doubt that you are the only one with keys. 

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Spokane is well known for its large diversity of types of homes ranging from the late 18th century on the South Hill to newer homes popping up in new developments. But one thing remains the same when it comes to securing your property. Physical security goes a very long way, deadbolts and keyed entry hardware are always recommended on homes with properly installed hardware.

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The innovation of smart locks give homeowners a wide range of keyless options for their home. Modern smart locks can be matched to meet current hardware color and styles and often can be placed onto older homes to meet security needs. Ask us how a licensed locksmith can integrate smart locks into your homes current hardware profile with a free estimate.

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Locks, like all mechanical devices, do eventually wear down. There are lots of reasons locks fail from the weather they are used in to the way they are designed. River City Locksmith is able to restore as well as replace most modern cylindrical locks without needing to replace the door or other main components or your homes physical security.

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