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How Can I Find a Reliable Locksmith in Spokane?

Not all Spokane locksmiths are created equal. While lockpicking is a core skill, the best ones go far beyond.

These security experts possess a comprehensive understanding of various locking mechanisms and security systems.  Unlike the average person, they're equipped to handle a wider range of situations.

They operate from mobile units, bringing their expertise directly to your location. Their services encompass a variety of tasks, including:

  • Rekeying locks for enhanced security

  • Installing top-notch locks and hardware

  • Expert lock picking in emergency situations

  • Designing and implementing secure master key systems for businesses

  • Repairing damaged or malfunctioning locks

By choosing a qualified locksmith, you gain access to a valuable security partner.

For a lot of locksmiths in the Spokane area, their life’s work is in lock picking. You could argue that you need to understand how locks work before you can properly change them. After all, changing a lock just requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise acquired by years of work on car lockouts to residential and commercial lock replacement and installations.

It depends on where you are in the world but on average, a locksmith (Mobile or storefront) will have different rates for fixing a door lock, replacing a key, and installing a smart lock. The cost for a good locksmith includes the cost of labor and the cost of the lock and/or key itself. If a lock is broken then it can be broken more easily than if it is still in a good condition, so your locksmith may advise that it's better to change out a lock entirely than to try to continue one which may not be very secure.

First of all, is there a difference between one Spokane locksmith and another? Absolutely! The best locksmiths are not just skilled in the art of lock picking, they are security experts. This is not something the general public can normally do (unless they pick locks as a hobby). The best locksmiths tend to work from a mobile location and their work varies between rekeying, installing locks and hardware, lock picking, helping businesses install secure master key systems, repairing locks, and more.

The first thing a locksmith will do is look at the lock to determine which tools to based upon the key pin lengths, the shear line, and the number of pins involved. A lock picked perfectly will open first time, every time. However, if a lock is broken or if it has a number of novel features, it is not uncommon for 3 or 4 attempts to open it. If the lock is not opened after 3 or 4 attempts then unfortunately the locksmith may be out of luck and the lock may have to be replaced.

How do you find a trustworthy locksmith?

The first thing you need to do is to research online. You want someone who is local, has been in business for a long time, and has good reviews. If you have a smartphone then you can always look it up online on Google Maps. For instance, look at our Google reviews

You also want to ensure the locksmith is bonded, licensed, and insured. Ideally, they'll also offer a flat rate for their services and operate 24/7 like River City Locksmith does.

When do I need to replace a lock?

A lock that has broken or one where you lost the key needs to be replaced immediately. If you need to get into your apartment, building or room for whatever reason then the lock should be replaced. Other times however, you may just want the lock changed for security reasons. If you have lost your keys and need to get back into your property then you need a new lock. Also, if your lock has been damaged in some way, either with a force to it or from the elements, then the lock will need to be changed.

What do you do if someone has broken the lock?

If you call a good locksmith such as River City Locksmith, this is unlikely to be a problem. The locksmith or locksmith team will be able to come out, give you a fair quote, have a look at the lock and get to work on the spot so you can have peace of mind.

For more questions about hiring a good locksmith near you in the Spokane metro area, get in touch with us for more details about your situation.


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