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Conducting a physical security audit on your home.

Spring is quickly approaching in Spokane which means snow is thawing and people are spending more time outside. The same is true for criminals as well.

Customers always ask me what is the best kind of lock for my home? There is something to consider when a security specialist is asked this question. When we look at statistics of home breaks ins we see a lot of the same patterns.

*Home burglaries occur usually between 10am-3pm

*Burglars DO NOT pick locks

*Rear/side doors and windows are considered easy targets for home break ins

*Doors with easily breakable glass are easy targets for criminals

*Most burglary activity is forced entry

Knowing these basics, any homeowner should be able to assess their property with a simple checklist that can help defer forced entry of their home.



Are all entry doors using a high quality, drill resistant deadbolt?

If entry doors have glass are they using a double sided deadbolt?

Are door strikes properly installed with heavy duty 4" screws?

Are hinges installed to not be exposed outside?

Is there a wide angle viewer on every entry door?

When you moved in was the home rekeyed?



Are windows sturdy and equipped with locks?

Are windows checked regularly prior to bedtime?

Are basement/patio windows secured from being forced open?



Are shrubs well maintained to prevent burglars from hiding in or around them?

Are all entrances illuminated?

Are all exterior lights mounted high enough to prevent tampering?



Do you work the same shift everyday predictably?

Has there been recent break ins in or around your area or neighborhood?

Do you have a good relationship with those who live around you?

Do you have self monitoring camera systems?

Has there been any unfamiliar vehicles near your home recently?

If you feel that any of these questions cannot be answered with a clear concise answer it may be time to evaluate these aspects of your homes physical security. As always River City Locksmith in Spokane, Wa offers free physical security evaluations for your home. As a local business and security specialist, we are invested in the communities that we live and operate in.

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