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Why Medeco?

spokane high security locks

If you've recently had a break in or just looking to up the security features of your home there are a few options. But in the world of locks there are only a few that make the grade for residential high security. Maybe you've heard of Medeco or seen their advertisements.

Medeco locks are seen as a very good option for upgrading your locks, not only do they rarely require any alternations to your existing drill patterns, but they are available in a wide range of styles and shapes to match your homes finish.

What makes Medeco so much better then its counterparts you find at the big box store? Well, there are several factors:

First off, a standard pin and tumbler uses flat edges pins that align with the cuts in your key to create a straight line that allows the lock to turn, with Medeco they have a variety of elevated security features for just the cylinder alone, ranging from elevated cylinder requirements to angle cut pins and sidebars to prevent picking.

Secondly, restricted or patent protected key ways. If for any reason you were to lose your keys whether they are stolen or just out of accident, wouldn't it be horrible if someone made copies of your keys and had access to your home? With Medeco high security keys you dont have that issue. Medeco uses protected key ways so the only people who can make keys are licensed locksmiths or endorsed Medeco reps who keep thorough records of who owns the keys.

Lastly, what if a burglar doesn't use picks or keys and just wants to destroy the lock to get in? Medeco has it covered with anti drill features that will make sure any attempt to destroy the lock from the outside to gain entry will be met with some serious resistance. From anti drill reinforced screws to ball bearing "traps" Medeco deadbolts are a great choice to keep anyone you want out from getting in.

River City Locksmith offers installation of Medeco as well as Free home security consultations and our services are available 24 hours a day for your locksmith solutions.

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