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Preventing Forced Entry

As locksmiths, we often get asked how to keep a property safe from forced entries. And as a locksmith we will often say that we almost never ever see a case where someone breaks in by picking or getting past the lock without doing damage to the door or its frame.

The door, not the lock, is often the biggest vulnerability. With that in mind, there are a wide variety of products available to add to your home's security by improving your door's ability to withstand attempts to break in.

Here are some of the most cost effective products out there today:

Nightlock Door Barricade:

Kick-ins are especially common when it comes to criminals taking advantage of you not being home. Nightlock has provided an easy to install solution that will negate the side effects of that boot to your door.

This device is easy to install and can be attached to concrete, wood, and carpet. The sleek design allows you to remove the barricade when not in use with a low profile design. This is ideal if you are interested in raising your home's physical security without making large changes to your home.

Reinforced Door Strike Hardware

Don't want to go through the hassle of having to replace your locks or upgrade expensive hardware? Doing some simple upgrades to the strike hardware can make a huge difference when protecting your door against forced entry.

When a new lock is purchased from a hardware store it generally comes with very small 1 inch screws that brace the receiving hardware into the door frame. While there are way too many products to list that aid in strike reinforcement, your local hardware store should carry several styles and models that will vastly improve your doors resilience.

Door Armor

One means that is common for break ins has to be prying the door open when kicking has failed or would produce too much noise. Door armor as it is commonly referred to, is a great way to keep your lock hardware from being bypassed with a crowbar.

While there is a large range of these you should consult with your local locksmith or hardware specialist to see what size and style is best for your door style and size.

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