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There are a lot of aspects to being a locksmith that the general public does not know, this is done for a very specific reason. As security professionals we have two main reasons to do this. The first is, and probably the most obvious, we do not want the general public to know how we bypass and manipulate lock systems I. E. job security. The second is that there are many things we learn as professionals about locks and systems that is privileged information that those with ill intent do not need to know.

In the next several blogs we will be covering some of the important game changing innovations that have occurred in regards to tools and how we do our jobs as locksmiths. Just to be clear there will not be any explanation of how to get into your neighbors car in under 10 seconds or how to break into a safe. One of the founding morals of River City Locksmith is that your families safety and security is our first priority.

Not many people know that locksmiths have many different branches that we can focus on as a main discipline. While many have general knowledge and experience, not every locksmith makes every kind of car key, or does every kind of safe. You will find that many of us have a specialty, which can be born from our market, type of experience, and training.

Today I want to talk about automotive locksmiths. Some of you have had to call one of these specialists and have wondered exactly how they do what they do. While there are many ways to retrieve a cars key information there have been some recent breakthroughs that have made this much easier than it used to be in the last generation of vehicles.

Lishi tools have emerged onto the market from over seas as recent as 2000 and have changed how locksmiths operate in the automotive locksmith field. Taken directly from the original lishi article:

"Original Lishi Tools. Today's Original Lishi tools are the brain child of Zhi Qin Li. These amazing tools were invented in early 2000 in response to the need to help his locksmith friends and his trainees. Mr. Li is a master locksmith and tool inventor living in He Bei Provence, China."

Now any locksmith who deals with cars will know these tools and how they work and probably have several of them. But what makes these newer tools so great? Having the ability to access a vehicles key code without having to remove door panels and other major components will save time and affect the price as well as the locksmiths bottom line and bring more money to his business. Lishi offers the availability to do most newer vehicles with ease and make the process quick and simple with enough practice.

The Lishi lock decoder 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 tools offer some great features, from being able to decode a vehicles lock cylinder as well as unlock it means that keys can be made faster and at a lower cost to the customer. Many car manufacturers have varying methods for making keys and having a tool that can cover a large array of that manufacturers catalog of vehicles is a invaluable tool to the modern locksmith. They take up almost no room in your shop or vehicle and pay for themselves almost on the first use.

Just as the old saying goes, time is money, and having the right tool for the job is as important as it has ever been.

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